Industrial Touch Panel LCD

Chrysalis has developed a colour LCD with touch panel technology for industrial and commercial applications.
Until recently industrial and commercial products were limited to simple monochrome LCD's and membrane keyboards. However, everybody now uses mobile phones with colour screens and touch panels. This has made all other products look old fashioned and difficult to use.
However, trying to copy the look and feel of an IPhone in an industrial product is a daunting task. We therefore set out to create the technology ourselves so that our customers can have a low cost development (both in time and money) for their own products.
For a further discussion on this you can download a short report 'Discussion of industrial displays' at the bottom of the page.

There are two parts to such a design, the hardware and the software.

Although many people will think that the hardware is the most important part of the design, actually its the software that takes the most time to develop.
Here we discuss both.

The system presented here is equally at home as a display system talking to a system controller or as the display and controller combined.

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