The development system.

The hardware is available as a development board.

All the development tools are open source which means that they are high quality and zero cost to you.

To get you developing as quickly as possible the software is available as a pre-installed virtual machine that will run under any operating system that you might currently be using.
The virtual machine is actually a cut down version of Ubuntu Linux, but it does not mater if you have not run Linux before because most of the development work is done with the Open Source Eclipse C++ package and the GCC compiler. This is a very powerful IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with all the features that you would expect. Probably the best feature of all is that all the code can be compiled to run on the PC. This means that you can do almost all the development in the PC environment with easy access to debuggers and other tools and only when you are happy with the displays do you need to start programming the real hardware.
The picture below shows the IDE running and a copy of the display code running with it, all within the virtual machine. The demo project comes with the package and you can use this as a starting point for your own projects.